Thursday, July 21, 2016

Destruction. Or creation. Either way.

The whole beauty of watercolours is the transparency. At the moment I rarely paint a single wash on the page. I'd much rather layer and layer and layer and experiment until the paper almost starts to pill (pretty much what every art teacher will tell you not to do). So after I spent hours painting the patterns in this beautiful indian textile – layering colours to create a vividness and glow, I found myself still unsatisfied with the final result. So I mixed it up and added a wash over the top. The softer feel, is a little more reminiscent of a textile. At least in my mind. Plus it was something I was itching to do. Now that I've done it, I'm uncertain as to whether it was a creative or a destructive move. There's a fine line between the two, is there not?

I'll let them dry for a bit, wait a little while and see if I should add some more layers later. Time to pack up and pick the kids up from school.

(Top two photos of 'before' the wash, bottom three photos are shots of 'after')

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Thursday afternoon with Pop and Joyce: some photos by Tess.

More holiday pics. My sister captured this beautiful series on a sunny Thursday arvo at my grandparents. She also captured this magic moment. I couldn't help but share.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


We've had a wonderful school holidays, full of freedom and joy. This is my first full school holidays as a mum (I spent half of last holidays in Paris without children). Rather than staying at home (cause if I'm honest, the thought filled me with a little bit of dread), we spent some time house hopping between extended family. Which felt just right – and provided a rich magical experience for us all.

So many pics! –
1. Afternoon light in my sister's kitchen, overlooking the bush and water of Sydney's Northern Beaches.
2. A little painting that I left on her fridge as a thank you gift.
3. Late afternoon walks. Tess (my sis, our host for 5 whole nights! and Bluebell).
4. A smattering of shells at the dog beach.
5. Chilled out mornings, soaking in the warmth of the winter sunlight.
6-10. Are all taken at my Uncle Richard and Aunt Jayatma's amazing home and garden.
6. Cracking walnut shells open provided Osc with much entertainment.
7. Those are maggots, from a maggot farm. Yep. The kids fed some to the fish (they have a swimming pool converted into a fish farm) and weren't squeamish at all.
8. Feeding the chickens with Jayatma, Richard and their (secondish?) cousin Toby.
9-10. Corners of Richard and Jayatma's kitchen included finger limes preserved in honey (they have their own beehives), eggplant seeds drying and a large collection of fresh ginger, turmeric, native ginger and sweet potatoes all collected from their garden, in the process of being brushed clean.
11. Osc doing some woodwork with my Dad and Uncle Graeme in my parents backyard.
12. Nora with an orchid, some jonquils and dried gum leaves – treasures from my parents garden.
13. Patonga.
14. Examining a dead crab found on the sand.
15. Bushwalk.
16. Washing still needs to be done, even when on holidays.
17. Exploring Fagan Park in Galston.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

fortnightly offering: papel picado

Festive and fun. Bright. My rendition of the age old, seriously beautiful mexican folk art, papel picado – looking almost abstract. I'm fascinated by the objects and items we collect when travelling and how we decorate our homes with such items.

A little postcard sized original watercolour. $15. Email me at imogeneve(at) if interested.

Update: SOLD!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

fortnightly offering: the green kookaburra jug

This little laughing japanese kookaburra (like so many objects I own) was a gift from my mum. And I do love him so. I found it really hard to know when to stop with this painting. I was tempted to add a blue wash on top of the green background and work over the fabric so that the check was further defined, then maybe more shadow, more detail ... but then I'm sure I'd think of more things to do and more and more and I'd keep working on him until the paper started to pilling, so best to stop now, while he still has a lightness to him.

He is on offer for $45, so please email at imogeneve(at) me if interested. Deets: An original watercolour and gouache painting of a green kookaburra jug filled with nasturtiums. Image measures approximately 25x16cm nestled on a sheet of A4 Archers watercolour paper.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week, 
Im x.

Update: SOLD! (:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

in my sketchbooks

Sketchbooks are so important. Something I'm only just realising.

I used to keep one naturally, but since kids and this massive world of social media, then I've been making less and less effort to keep one – or so I thought.

The other day I pulled off the bookshelf my three most recent sketchbooks and found myself surprised at how much I actually have been using them.

They are a place to pan out ideas, get them down quickly before forgotten. Also a place to simply be. Be present as you move a pen across paper. Non-confrontational. As they're never, ever going to be finished artworks, then the pressures off, they are simply personal moments.

Most of these sketches, I created while taking part in Bettina's 10 in 10 online sketch group. I just spent some time reviewing them – and I can easily see some seeds for new ideas leaping out at me from these roughs.

ps I love Oscy's tigers and how he was inspired to paint them after seeing mine.